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Welcome to the Islamic Center Northridge

An Oasis of Tawheed in the Heart of Southern California.
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Our mission is to be an exemplary Islamic Center that establishes worship of Allah, promotes Islamic Values and strengthens social bonds within the Muslim community that culminates in the emergence of a model Islamic Center that seamlessly co-exists with the American Society at large.

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📣 Tafseer-al-Quran and Fiqh Weekly Class: Please join us on our weekly halaqah with Mufti Ibrahim every Tuesday after Isha prayer.
📣 Islam 101 for New Muslims Weekly Class: An Islam 101 class is held every Wednesday after Maghrib prayer designed especially for new Muslims.
📣 Coping with the Current Crisis: Join us Saturday December 2,2023 at 5:00 PM - Isha at Granada Hills Masjid for an insightful night with special guest speakers covering different perspectives regarding the ongoing Gaza Crisis. Free food sponsored by Valley Masjids Council.


At our Islamic Center, we offer a range of services aimed at nurturing spiritual growth, fostering community engagement, promoting Islamic education and values, and to cater to the diverse needs of our community.

Mufti Corner

Personalized Islamic guidance and fatwa provision by qualified Muftis

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Social Hall Rental

Reservable social hall for community events and gatherings


Social Events

Live events promoting Islamic values and community bonding

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Iqra Elementary School

Private, Muslim school for Pre-K and Grades K-6

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Sunday School

Sunday School services fostering Islamic education and values

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Ramadan-focused activities and services fostering spiritual growth

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Nikah Services

Islamic matrimonial services and Nikah ceremonies

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Funeral Services

Islamic funeral services with compassion and dignity

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Masjid Locations

Granada Hills Masjid & Community Center:

11439 Encino Ave, Granada Hills CA 91344

Tampa Masjid

8424 Tampa Ave, Northridge 91324

The Pillars of Islam

Please visit us to learn more about the Pillars of Islam, the foundational principles guiding every Muslim’s faith and practice. Unlock a path of spiritual growth and deeper understanding of God’s teachings